Christmas Gift Ideas for Dad

Homemade and Unique Christmas Gift Ideas for Dad

Do you want something special to give your dad this Christmas? Below are suggestions of homemade and unique Christmas gift ideas for dad that you will surely consider for the special man in your life.

  1. Print some fun and cute coupons for dad like you and your siblings will take out the trash, will walk the dog, will weed the garden, fix the garage or clean the car for one month.

  2. Make your own calendar for dad that features candid shots of your dad and mom, favorite sports or with his favorite pet. Highlight as well important dates of the family like anniversaries, and birthdays.

  3. Make statement t-shirts like “I love my wife and kids,” or “I’m a super dad”.

  4. Compose a poem and write it on a very nice paper and have it framed.

  5. Make a scrap book. Collect photos, stuff and memorabilia of your dad and create a wonderful project for him to enjoy.

  6. Make a photo album of your dad with candid pictures. You have to prepare this project before Christmas. Be a paparazzi and take as many pictures of you dad in action.

  7. Buy mosaic software and make a mosaic picture of your dad. You may choose to have the biggest available size and have it framed.

  8. Cook your dad’s favorite dishes on Christmas Eve.

  9. Does your dad have sweet tooth? Bake all the goodies he loves for the entire holiday season.

  10. Knit a Christmas sweater for dad. Use your crafty hands to make one. Partner it with gloves, bonnet and scarf to complete the outfit of dad on Christmas day.

  11. Prepare a gift basket for dad. Fill that basket will goodies and stuff that your dad loves the most. Your dad will definitely love all the items inside. For instance, a breakfast Christmas baskets with breads and jam, a complete set of carpentry materials, new gear for his favorite sports or musical instruments.

  12. Buy an aquarium tank and fill those with your dad’s favorite fishes. You have the option of what to put inside.

  13. Download and compile all the favorite songs of your dad in one compact disc.

  14. Ask your mom and siblings to make a video about dad. Share how much you love your dad.

  15. Warm the cold nights of your dad during the winter season by making a quilt for him.

  16. Does your father have a green thumb? Give him seedlings and pots. Have bonding moments with your dad by planting it together.

  17. Make bookmarks for your bookworm dad. This gift idea is easy and ideal for kids who cannot yet afford to give expensive stuff.

  18. Delight your dad by making a snow globe.

Homemade and unique Christmas gift ideas for dad are unlimited. Use your imagination and creativity to think the best Christmas gifts for dad. These Christmas gift ideas for dad will not just make your gifts customized and personalized, at the same time you will enjoy making it for your dad. You may want to ask your mom and siblings to join you with your project. Once you handed your Christmas gift to your dad, you can share unforgettable stories and how fun it was to make the gifts.